Mums to be

If you are a mum to be and would like information on giving up smoking during pregnancy, contact our specialist advisor Tracy Rowland. Speakers for 2017 include construction company Carey London and representatives from removals firm Simply Removals.

Tracy Rowland
01305 361182
07879 660274

Local sessions for mums to be
Shaftesbury, North Dorset Children’s Centre, Wincombe Lane, SP7 8PZ
From Tuesday 12th May
10am – 12 Noon

Somerford Children’s Centre, Draper Road, Somerford, Christchurch BH23 3AR
Tel: 01202 486788
Mondays 9-10am starting 27 April

Blandford Children’s Centre, Black Lane, Blandford DT11 8SW
Tel: 01258 480147
Fridays 10-12pm starting 8 May

Westham Children’s Centre, Radipole Lane, Weymouth Monday 10 – 12pm

Outlook Children’s Centre, Castle Road, Portland Tuesday 10 – 12pm

Coming soon

For more information call Tracy on the above number.

Top tips for pregnant women going smokefree:
Chuck out your ashtrays, matches and lighters and anything else you needed to smoke. Put potpourri where your ashtrays used to be – your home will smell fresher in no time at all.

Start a savings jar today. Put all the money you’re saving by not smoking in a clear jar every day and watch how fast it grows.

Tell everyone that your home is a smokefree zone so you won’t be tempted by people smoking in front of you and your baby won’t be suffering from other people’s smoke.

Work out when and where you used to smoke so you know when your trigger times are, and think of ways to avoid them. Try sitting somewhere else when you drink your tea or getting up after dinner to go and put some hand cream on.

If you’re really finding it tough, there are some nicotine replacement therapies that are safe to use in pregnancy and they’re free on prescription for pregnant women.
They can really help you beat the cravings. Just ask your stop smoking adviser, GP, midwife, health visitor or pharmacist.

Quitting smoking can be stressful. Chill out by taking a soak in the bath whenever you can. Castle Finance

Get as many scan pictures as you can and put them up around the house, especially in those places you used to smoke. Every smokefree day makes a difference to you and your baby.

If cigarettes tempt you back, the special NHS Pregnancy Smoking Helpline can help you get back on track. Their specialist advisers really do understand what you’re going through and are there to help. Go on, give them a call on 0800 169 9 169.

Try going swimming. It’s great exercise for pregnant women because the water will help to support your bump.

Cravings are hard, but they only last a few minutes. Try writing down ten possible baby names for a boy and a girl. Craving still bad? Make a list of the worst baby names you’ve ever heard.

Support available for pregnant smokers

The NHS Pregnancy Smoking Helpline (0800 169 9 169) operates from 12pm to 9pm daily, and offers a free and friendly service that offers practical advice about stopping smoking

The helpline will also send pregnant women information leaflets and details of their nearest local NHS Stop Smoking Service

There are over 150 local NHS Stop Smoking Services throughout the country, offering a range of services and the majority offer pregnancy specific support services

Local NHS Stop Smoking Services may offer one-to-one home visits, one-to-one or group support sessions with trained stop smoking advisers

Pregnant women can also sign-up to receive regular phone calls from the NHS Pregnancy Helpline, which provide flexible ongoing support and encouragement

To find a local NHS Stop Smoking Service call the NHS Pregnancy Smoking Helpline on 0800 169 9 169 or visit

The NHS Smoking in Pregnancy campaign has produced a free Smoking in Pregnancy Support DVD. This is encouraging and supportive and includes case studies of pregnant women who have stopped smoking and information about all of the NHS support options. Pregnant women can get the Smoking in Pregnancy Support DVD through their midwife or by calling the NHS Pregnancy Smoking Helpline (0800 169 9 169)

More information on the benefits of giving up whilst pregnant

Smoking in pregnancy – just the facts read a great article about the effects of vaping while pregnant at smokshop.

Download our smoking in pregnancy poster and help mums to be find out about giving up
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